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The healthy option to fizz bang bang pop!

Our Smoothie Juice Bars serve real fruit Smoothies and Shakes.

We are normally engaged to attended and serve large quantities of smoothies at parties and events, so we use 'Sweetbird' smoothies and frappes to cope with a fast demand.

We set-up the granita (smoothie) machines on tables, normally behind the serving bar, from which we serve the healthy iced chilled Smoothies.  Juice bars in demanding situations sometimes require this easy set-up. Alternatively we can use our ice cream parlour set-up to create a fun focal serving point to make and served the drinks.

Each 12 litre twin machine chills and infuses ice in to the drink ready to serve

a 10oz cup of smoothie every minute from each hopper (one every 30 seconds).

Listed below is a breakdown of costs and requirements to help with producing a quote:

Each 10oz smoothie cost net £0.65p.

Served in a 10oz cup with lid and straw which cost £0.14p.

Machine cost, will depend on how many machines are required to meet the demand over the time period span and over how many days?

Attendance cost will depend on hours required to serve and over how many days?

Transport cost is done on postcode?

 When engaging our smoothie juice bars we can supply the basics set-up or

a retro type serving bar/counter, an ice display table for the fresh fruit, additional  smoothie machines, all ingredients, consumables, tables and chairs for 20 covers.

These are our most popular smoothies:- Banana, Strawberry, Banana and Strawberry, Lemon, Mango, Mango and Passion Fruit, Peach, Raspberry and Blackcurrant.

- Approved by the Vegetarian Society and Viva! for vegans.

- Made with real fruit, a touch of green tea and ginseng.

- 100% Natural, free from preservatives and GMO's.

99% Fat Free.

In addition to our smoothie juice bars, we can also provide;

Fresh fruit, tea and coffee, cakes and donuts, indulgent biscuits.



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