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Making Hot Dogs is just so simple with these Hot Dog Machine Hire.

BAIN MARIE Hot Dog machine Hire

The choices we have for hire are; an attractive looking portable bain marie or a functional stainless steel bain marie. To cook the sausages, you first have to fill the water holding tank to the maximum level mark (marked on the inside of the water holding tank), once filled to the maximum mark, the hot dog machine needs to be plugged in to a 13 amp socket and switched on. The water then heats up to the desired holding temperature required.

(use a thermometer to confirm the temperature), re-place the pots into the holding tank and fill with the food

to be cooked (Hot dogs cook in about 20 minutes, onions if not pre cooked will take at least an hour, and rolls just minutes to warm through).

Where can I hire a Hot Dog ROLLER GRILL for my party

Easy to use, functional and with good visibility of what’s on offer!

Plug the Hot Dog Roller Grill in to a 3,000 watt supply of electricity. Turn the heat temperature control knob to desired temperature, wait for approximately 20 / 30 minutes for the rollers to achieve the set temperature.

Place your choice of sausages or frankfurters (Hot Dogs) In between the rollers, it takes approximately 10 minutes for the frankfurters to be cooked through and approximately 30 minutes for normal sausages.

Then all you have to do is use a set of tongs to lift the hot dogs off the rollers into the roll.


When finished turn the temperature control knobs to off, then switch the roller grill off, remove any unused hot dogs and wait until the roller grill is cold. Remove the fat drip tray making sure that the fat has solidified. Scrape and remove the fat off the tray if need be, then wash the tray and roller grill with warm to hot soapy water using a abrasive sponge pad or a suitable scouring pad to clean, rinse and finish by drying the machine.

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