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This may sound difficult but it could not be easier.

Once the pig has been put on the rod and placed in the oven

It just a matter of time (At least 7 hours),

Before you carve the pig from spit to the plate.

And of course ‘you get all the praise’. Easy Pig Roast Hire!


First you must order the pig from the butcher (normally a weeks notice),

Ask the butcher to cut the head off as well as cutting the legs off in line with the belly.

(This is necessary so as when the pig is revolving no part of the pig catches the side of the oven).

When the pig is ready insert one of the threaded support clamps (from the inside) through the fourth and fifth cage ribs (from the neck end), push the points into the skin and cut the outside skin to allow the clamps to come through, place the  saddle over the top of these threaded clamp points and screw the brass wing bolts on by a couple of threads.

Do the same for the next support clamp but this time through the eleventh and twelfth cage rib.

When both clamps are hanging loose, insert the rod through the rear end cavity, until it reaches the first support clamp, ease the rod through the support square and glide the rod to the next support square, ease the rod through this!

It may be necessary to bend the pig just a little to ease this part of the operation or maybe the clamps have to be rocked by hand to allow the rod to slowly glide through. DO NOT bang the rod with a hammer as damage to the rod has to be rectified and there will be a charge! Position the rod (when through)  evenly of either side of the pig,

Now tighten the brass wing nuts up as much as you possibly can. When you have secured the rod so as it can not move, slide one of the support spikes on to one end of the rod and through the flesh until it is fully engaged in to the pig.

It may be necessary to try a couple of time as there are bones that will get in the way, just try a slightly different angle and the rods will go in with a little tap with a wooden or soft rubber hammer (not metal).

Do the same for the other end and when in position, tighten the screws up on both support rods.

It’s ready to go on the rotisserie! It is best with two people as it can weigh in excess of 60 kilos.

Position the rod with the pig, on to the rotisserie locating supports. Make sure the rod is locked in to the device.

Switch the rotisserie on,Turn the gas on and ignite the burner. Now you have to wait until cooked!


Remove all the leftovers and carcase from the pig roast hire equipment.

With warm soapy water wash the oven, rod and fixings, all the trays.

Do Not Throw Away the saddles or nuts with the waste!  Expensive to replace as it comes as a complete kit.

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