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The Chocolate is melted in the fountain

to a maximum of 35 degrees celsius

(Just under body Temperature)

The chocolate temperautre is thermostaticly maintaned


Take the main body (with the chocolate retaining rim) out of the large red case and place on a level and sturdy table,

Open the smaller red case and take the top tier off the upper half central cylinder assembly, next take the Auger (screw mechanisation ) out from the center of the upper half cylinder assembly, now remove the upper half cylinder assembly with the three tiers. And locate the upper half cylinder assembly on to the four steel dowels in the center of the main body’s top. Insert the Auger with the locating key at the bottom and the point at the top (make sure the key has engaged by turning the auger until it drops down).  Place the top tier back on to the top of the upper half cylinder.

Using a spirit level, place it upon and across the top tier make sure the chocolate fount is level by using the adjustable feet at the bottom.  Then move the level 90 degree around the rim and make sure it is level, then check the level at 90 degrees again and adjust if necessary, repeat these actions until you are sure the machine is level all around.

IMPORTANT! The chocolate fountain needs to be level all the way around for the chocolate to flow over the rim evenly!


At least 1 hour if not 2 hours before you require the chocolate to be cascading over the fountain, fill the retaining rim with the chocolate buttons. Then plug in the power (i.e.c.) lead in to the mains socket and turn the temperature control to  99.5 °F (body Temperature) . This will make the chocolate melt (slowly). To speed up this process,you can microwave the chocolate but be very careful not to burn the chocolate! As once this has happen all the chocolate has to be thrown away.

When you are ready to start the machine, make sure that the chocolate is in liquid form if not, give it a stir! As this will help the melting process. Once the chocolate is ready, press the green button, the chocolate will be drawn up the cylinder by the auger and cascade over the top, if it cascades with gaps, switch the machine off by the red button and move the chocolate around and towards the bottom of the center where the auger uptake is, then press the green button again. Repeat this process until the chocolate flows in a continuous cascade.

Once running as it should, then the only problem  may be ‘air locks’ making the chocolate cascade to have gaps in it.

As above; stop the machine by pressing the red button and move the chocolate towards the bottom of the cylinder, then press the green button and this should cure the air lock.


Remove all surplus chocolate from the upper body, scoop out the excess chocolate from the retaining rim, remover each individual part of the fountain and unscrew the retaining rim in an anti-clockwise direction. Clean in hot soap water and replace in the original red containers.

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