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We supply for hire, large griddle gas barbecue.

Designed for the professional commercial caterer, the Slimfold Caterer TG160 is the clear market leader and the professional’s choice for commercial catering operations. It has undergone continual upgrading to maintain this position and is well known as the legendary workhorse of the industry.


To assemble the barbecue: Place barbecue on its side (whilst holding the barbecue) and pull the legs away from each end of the main body, in a sweeping circular action, insert the top  of the legs into the locating lugs at each end of the barbecue. When both legs are located and locked in to position, turn the barbecue upright on to it’s legs. Now attach the Regulator to the LPG bottle by screwing the nut on the regulator anti-clockwise until it is fully engaged, finish off by tighten fully with the spanner provided. At the top of the LPG bottle is a knob, turn the knob clockwise and check for any signs of a leak by sound, smell or soapy liquid solution to check for bubbles. If there is a leak tighten the regulator connection a little bit more, if this does not work, call our engineer for help on; 07836 712712. If all is safe! then open up a gas knob situated at either end of the barbecue and ignite the gas (by a match, lighter or taper), this is done by inserting the flame in to the underneath hole which is situated in the middle of the underneath (one on either side). NOTE; ignite the gas as quick as possible as the gas will be accumulating inside the fire box. So the longer you leave lighting the gas, the bigger the combustion explosion (BANG) will be!

Once both sides have been lit, leave the barbecue for 10 minutes to get to full working temperature.

Safe cooking can now commence.

To stop excess fat from dripping to the ground you will find an extruding lug surrounded by a loop at either end (on the underside of the barbecue) for a tin can to be inserted on to,fat will now flow into the can.


Before cleaning either make sure that the barbecue has cooled down or wear protective leather gloves.

With warm soapy water and a wire pad / brush, give the stainless steel cooking area a good scouring, when most of the excess staining and food has been removed, wash down with clean warm soapy water.

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