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A guide to the costs of an Afternoon Tea

Caterers: Normally to have a chef and an assistant to prepare, and serve the afternoon tea would cost £300.00. This includes transportation within 20 miles, the shopping and  preparation, equipment(mixers, chopping boards, bowls & containers, trays, knives).

We recommend you approach the marquee people for tables, linen, chairs and cutlery. A typical hire rate for bone chine, fork, knife, spoon; per 10 settings would cost £35.00.

An afternoon tea picnic Box: would typically contain 8 varieties of sandwich fingers, salad, 3 varieties of cake portion + scone with cream and jam,  chocolate  biscuit, 2 x fruit. Plastic cutlery, napkin. £12.00. Per box.

Refreshments: Tea, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, £3.00 per person (minimum 50).

General cost of sandwiches:

A round of sandwiches would typically cost about £0.65p. Except for smoked salmon / prawns which raise the cost to about £1.80 per round.

Victoria Sponge: Good quality individual or freshly made  £1.00

Scones: Good quality or freshly made with cream and jam £1.50.

Cakes and Fancies: (coffee and walnut, carrot, lemon drizzle, fairy cup cakes, chocolate fudge brownies, Battenberg, macaroon, tartlets, Bakewell, Viennese whirls, Fondant fancies. Cantuccini, shortcake, biscuits, etc. £o.75p on average.

Fruit: Apple, Banana, orange, pear, £0.50p each piece.

Salad decoration: tomatoes, onion, cucumber mixed leaves, watercress, rocket, cress.

Condiments Mustard, Branston pickle, horseradish, mayo and sauces, salt, pepper.

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